How to Get the Snake Out of the Pool

Marietta snake

Once the summer season arrives, it pays to have a pool in your background where you can unwind. It would be nice to wear those swimsuits and have a refreshing swim at your pool. However, you are not the only one attracted to your pool. It can draw the attention of wildlife creatures such as snakes. Luckily, there are simple ways on how you can get rid of them.

How Do I Keep the Snakes Out of My Pool?
Snakes are beneficial to our environment. Some people will purposely lead them to their area to help them manage the population of the critters. However, most of us still don't want them anywhere near our home. Unfortunately, for some of us, snakes can be a regular part of our lives. While only a handful of them are venomous, we still don't want to share our precious pool with them.

What Attracts the Snakes to My Pool?
Snakes are cold-blooded creatures; therefore, it will not be surprising to see them basking in the concrete of your pool. Here are some factors that can be drawing the interest of the snakes.
· Overgrown Bushes and Grass-If there are thick grass or bushes surrounding your pool, there is a high chance that they will be staying there. Snakes love to stay in places that will help them conceal their presence.
· Food Source- Pools will also attract insects, and most of these insects are included in the snake's diet. The slithering reptile will stay close to their food source. Therefore, it is not surprising that you will find them in your pool. Additionally, they can also use the water in your pool to remain hydrated.
· Pet Food- Some of us have the habit of feeding our pets outside. Unfortunately, any uncovered food of our beloved pets will attract the rodents, which will then invite the snake to our property.

What is the Best Way to Remove the Snake from My Swimming Pool?
The most recommended and safest way to get them out of your pool is to call the help of the snake removal experts. They have experience in dealing with venomous and non-venomous snake invasion. Remember that most snakebites in our country are due to these inexperienced people trying to remove the snakes on their own. You will need to proceed with caution and address your situation with the help of professionals. However, for those who have knowledge of identifying the snakes, use a pool skimmer that comes with an elongated handle. It would be easier to pick the snake using this method and relocate them to the nearby wooded area. Prevention is always better than cure; therefore, you need to have some preventive measures to keep the snake out of your yard. Clear the clutters and trim the overgrown bushes and shrubs. Fix the vulnerabilities in your house. You can surround the perimeter of your home with a snake fence to guarantee that they will remain outside your area.

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